When you’re in the mood to celebrate

With so many restaurants to pick from in Newport, it can be overwhelming to decide where to treat myself.  There is one restaurant, however, that always makes the list: Pasta Beach.

Located on Memorial Boulevard, this authentic Italian eatery is one of my all time Newport favorites. Open for lunch, dinner and take out, Pasta Beach has amazing pasta, pizza and sandwiches.  Last week, I decided to meet a friend to celebrate the end of midterm exams with big portions of Italian. As always, I was more than impressed.

Due to the special occasion, we decided to go all-out (remember, this is “all-out” on a college budget)! We started with the mouth-watering prosciutto de parma appetizer special.  The prosciutto was paired with fresh mozzarella, arugula and sliced roma tomatoes. I have always been a fan of prosciutto, but there is no comparison to the kind they serve at Pasta Beach. It is always freshly sliced and melts in your mouth. app

For Dinner, we decided to split a pasta dish and pizza.  I ordered the tagliatelle ragu and my friend ordered the vegetarian pizza . Ragu is basically a fancy name for meat sauce, but there is nothing basic about this dish.  The pasta comes out al dente and piping hot. I especially love the vegetarian pizza for its upscale toppings of eggplant, roasted red peppers and zuchinni.

attachment.ashx                                          pizza

Although I wouldn’t necessarily call Pasta Beach cheap, it is definitely affordable. Entrees and pizzas usually range from $11-$25 dollars.

Oh, and my one suggestion: Get there early, or make a reservation.  There is nothing worse than walking into Pasta Beach, smelling the aromas of fresh Italian, and then being told you have to wait for an hour. Talk about a tease!


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